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Youth Risk Behavior Survey (YRBS)

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The Youth Risk Behavior Surveillance System measures behaviors that fall into six categories: 1. Behaviors that result in unintentional injuries and violence; 2. Tobacco use; 3. Alcohol and other drug use; 4. Sexual behaviors that result in HIV infection, other sexually transmitted diseases, and unintended pregnancies; 5. Dietary behaviors; and 6. Physical activity.

To request data on the high school YRBS surveys, please follow this link to the Delaware Division of Public Health’s data request process.

To access data from the middle school YRBS surveys, please contact Rochelle Brittingham at

* 2019 HS YRBS HS: During administration of the 2019 High School YRBS, low school participation throughout the state meant that the criteria for a representative sample was not met. Because of this, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention did not produce a statewide report for Delaware or county reports for Sussex and New Castle. However, due to high levels of school participation in Kent County, a county wide representative sample was reached and a Kent County Report was produced by the CDC.

* 2019 MS YRBS MS: For the first time in 2019, a sampling rather than a census approach was used for the Middle School YRBS. This approach allowed CDHS to get a representative statewide sample to create a Statewide Report. Unfortunately, because of the reduced number of participants, individual county reports were not able to be produced by the CDC. Please reach out to Rochelle Brittingham at with questions.

Funding sources:

Funding for the Delaware High School Youth Risk Behavior Survey is provided through the Delaware Division of Public Health by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Funding for the 2019 Delaware Middle School Youth Risk Behavior Survey was provided by the Delaware Department of Services for Children, Youth & Their Families, Division of Prevention and Behavioral Health Services.

Funding from 2006 - 2017 for the Delaware Middle School Youth Risk Behavior Survey was provided by Nemours Children's Health System.


Middle School

High School

2019 Kent County Findings*:

2019 Kent HS Demographic Table.pdf

2019 Kent HS Detail Tables.pdf

2019 Kent HS Graphs.pptx

2019 Kent HS Trend Report.pdf

2017 State Findings:

2017 DE HS Demographic Table.pdf

2017 DE HS Detail Tables.pdf

2017 DE HS Graphs.pptx

2017 DE HS Trend Report.pdf

2017 New Castle County Findings:

2017 New Castle HS Demographic Table.pdf

2017 New Castle HS Detail Tables.pdf

2017 New Castle HS Graphs.pptx

2017 New Castle HS Trend Report.pdf

2017 Kent County Findings:

2017 Kent HS Demographic Table.pdf

2017 Kent HS Detail Tables.pdf

2017 Kent HS Graphs.pptx

2017 Kent HS Trend Report.pdf

2017 Sussex County Findings:

2017 Sussex HS Demographic Table.pdf

2017 Sussex HS Detail Tables.pdf

2017 Sussex HS Graphs.pptx

2017 Sussex HS Trend Report.pdf

2015 State Findings: 

2015 DE HS Demographic Table.pdf

2015 DE HS Detail Tables.pdf

2015 DE HS Graphs.pptx

2015 DE HS Trend Report.pdf

2015 New Castle County Findings:

2015 New Castle HS Demographic Table.pdf

2015 New Castle HS Detail Tables.pdf

2015 New Castle HS Graphs.pptx

2015 New Castle HS Trend Report.pdf

2015 Kent County Findings:

2015 Kent HS Demographic Table.pdf

2015 Kent HS Detail Tables.pdf

2015 Kent HS Graphs.pptx

2015 Kent HS Trend Report.pdf

2015 Sussex County Findings:

2015 Sussex HS Demographic Table.pdf

2015 Sussex HS Detail Tables.pdf

2015 Sussex HS Graphs.pptx

2015 Sussex HS Trend Report.pdf

​2013 State Findings: 

2013 DE HS Demographic.pdf

2013 DE HS Detail Tables.pdf

2013 DE HS Graphs.pdf

2013 DE HS Trend Report.pdf

New Castle County Findings:

2013 New Castle HS Demographic.pdf

2013 New Castle HS Detail Tables.pdf

2013 New Castle HS Graphs.pptx

2013 New Castle HS Trend Report.pdf

Kent County Findings: 

2013 Kent HS Demographic.pdf

2013 Kent HS Detail Tables.pdf

2013 Kent HS Graphs.pptx

2013 Kent HS Trend Report.pdf

Sussex County Findings:

2013 Sussex HS Demographic.pdf

2013 Sussex HS Detail Tables.pdf

2013 Sussex HS Graphs.pptx

2013 Sussex HS Trend Report.pdf

Important Domains of Youth Health and Wellness Measured by YRBS


Middle School:                                                                             High School: 

YRBS-MS 2021.pdf                                                               YRBS-HS 2021.pdf

YRBS-MS 2019.pdf                                                               YRBS-HS 2019.pdf

YRBS-MS 2017.pdf                                                               YRBS-HS 2017.pdf

YRBS-MS 2015.pdf                                                               YRBS-HS 2015.pdf

YRBS-MS 2013.pdf                                                               YRBS-HS 2013.pdf

YRBS-MS 2011.pdf                                                               YRBS-HS 2011.pdf

YRBS-MS 2009.pdf                                                               YRBS-HS 2009.pdf

YRBS-MS 2007.pdf                                                               YRBS-HS 2007.pdf

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Youth Risk Behavior Survey (YRBS)
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Youth Risk Behavior Survey (YRBS)
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