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Delaware Epidemiological Reports


The Delaware Epidemiological Profile is prepared annually by the Delaware State Epidemiological Outcomes Workgroup, a coalition of organizations and offices in the state that have and use analytical data concerning drug and alcohol use and abuse in Delaware.  

This Epidemiological Report is one product developed by the SEOW to disseminate data for strategic planning, decision-making, and evaluation. Using indicators which are available on an ongoing basis, it briefly describes Delaware-specific patterns of consumption, context, consequences, and trends of substance use, especially among young people.

The Epidemiological Profile Report contains data from over 18 different data sources, such as the Delaware School Survey, Treatment Epidsode Data, Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System, Youth Risk Behavior Survey, the National Survey on Drug Use and Health, and many more. 

Note that research concerning human beings is rarely exact and the reliability of survey data is dependent upon many factors, including the size of the population surveyed and the wording of the questions, which may differ from one survey to another.  Small differences from year to year may not be as important as consistent trends or significantly large differences.

What's New in the 2018 Report

The 2018 Profile features data on tobacco and electronic vaping products, alcohol, marijuana, and opioid use in Delaware. It also highlights special topics, including mental health, adverse childhood  experiences (ACEs), substance exposed infants (SEI), LGBQ and T youth, and protective factors. Each chapter includes a narrative to provide context for the data presentation, and "Data in Action” sections to illustrate how the data can be used to inform prevention planning, policy,  and programs. To download the entire PDF click on the link in the right column, or view individual chapters by clicking on the links below. 

New! 2018 charts and graphs are available as PowerPoint slides. Download them as a complete slide set or by chapter, and use these to strengthen your prevention presentations and outreach efforts.

New! Epidemiological infographics are available. Link to or download one-page highlights on specific substance use rates and special issues.

Executive Summary- 2018 Epidemiological Profile.pdf

Delaware Epidemiological Profile PowerPoint
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Reports and Products
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Reports and Products
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