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DDATAGram Volume 14


DDATAGram Volume 13

DDATAGrams Volume 12

  • Issue 12, June 2017.  Marijuana Use and Driving Under the Influence of Marijuana.

DDATAGrams Volume 11

DDATAGrams Volume 10

Fact Sheets

Based on recommendations from DDATA members, there are now Fact Sheets available for download!  These Fact Sheets discuss issues around underage drinking in Delaware and can be used to hand out at community and agency events. There are often multiple versions of the same Fact Sheet with different image options.  Once you download the word file, please use the second page of the Fact Sheet to add information about your agency or coalition before you print and distribute them in your community.  The Fact Sheets should be printed double-sided and come three to a single sheet of paper. The Fact Sheets are available below:​

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