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What is the SEOW?

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The State Epidemiological Outcomes Workgroup (SEOW)


​5 Steps of the Strategic Prevention Framework

​A key element of the Strategic Prevention Framework - Partnerships for Success grant is to engage a robust State Epidemiological Outcomes Workgroup (SEOW) to share Delaware data on substance use and related issues. Data can be used to highlight trends (such as heroin use) and emerging issues (for example, "vaping"), demonstrate needs, and identify groups of people who are at disproportionate risk for substance use and related concerns. Data is also vital for evaluating prevention efforts.

The SEOW, formerly known as the Delaware Drug and Alcohol Tracking Alliance or DDATA), collects, synthesizes, and guides the development of data products to inform prevention policy, practice, programming throughout the State. SEOW members provide input regarding: the types of data needed to strengthen and support strategic and coordinated prevention efforts; available data sources; the types of data products (DDATAGrams, presentations, reports, etc.)  that are most useful to various audiences; and strategies, channels, and networks most critical to publicizing the data and promoting its use. The navigation menu on the left of this page links to the many downloadable SEOW data products available. An example of a one of the most comprehensive products is the  ​2017 Delaware Epidemiological Report.pdf.

The SEOW is comprised of representatives from a broad spectrum of agencies, organizations, and community groups. It was formed and funded through previous State Incentive Grants, with continued support from the Strategic Prevention Framework-Partnerships for Success Grant (SPF-PFS).

The Goals

The goals of the SEOW are to:

  1. To build monitoring and surveillance systems to identify, analyze, and profile data from state and local sources;
  2. To identify, share, and analyze data;
  3. To create data-guided products that inform prevention planning and policies;
  4. To train agencies and communities in understanding, using, and presenting data effectively.

The DDATA Charter, created in 2009, provides more information:DDATA Charter.pdf

See this 2014 report on Delaware's SPF-SIG program including DDATA's responsibilities and contributions.Linking and Leveraging Prevention Efforts in Delaware_2014.pdf​ 

Products in Development

The SEOW will be uploading new data products throughout the year.  Please check out the DDATA Reports & Products page as well as the DDATAGrams & Fact Sheets page to view these products.

These will include:

Identified CSAP Goals of a SEOW and How the Delaware SEOW Aligns


Funding for this project (SP020704) has been provided by the Department for Health and Social Services, Division of Substance Abuse and Mental Health-State of Delaware through a grant from the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) .

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What is the SEOW?
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